Clients of Agro Sector in Central-Europe can get full range banking services from OTP Bank Group

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Dedicated Agro Business Line in OTP Bank Serbia (SR – OTP Bank Serbia)

Agro Business Line has started in OTP banka Srbija as the second agro business unit among the foreign members of OTP Group focusing on agro sectorÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. clients. As a result of the integration with Vojvođanska banka Agro Business will also serve agro clients with greater opportunities.

New website for Bulgaria Agribusiness - DSK Agro (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

DSK Bank implements complex approach through new specialize website of DSK AgroÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. to the Agrobusiness segment. The development of the site is one of the most important step for our successful partnership with Agrobusiness. The main goal of the site is to offer quick and qualitative financial solutions to agribusiness as well as an individual approach based on high knowledge of the specifics of their business. DSK Bank is the first financial institution, offers such kind of information approach in Bulgaria.

InteliFresh 2019 with DSK Bank (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

DSK Bank Bulgaria will be official partner for second consecutive year of one of the largest international forums for fruits & vegetables in Bulgaria – InteliFresh 2019. The purpose of the event is to match Bulgarian fruits & vegetable producers with vendors or processors from the region. DSK Bank’s clients of the production and processing segment have a great opportunity to find new partners.The event will take place 22 February in Plovdiv, Bulgaria during the International Agricultural Exhibition.